Kingdom Sea

Kingdom Sea exists to help the international community become fully devoted followers of Jesus.


Founded in 2018, Kingdom Sea aims to help introduce people to Jesus by praying for them, connecting in friendship, sharing life and faith, and finally empowering them to make disciples. Weekly prayer meetings help a dedicated group of volunteers continue to put the names and needs of the international community before God. Volunteers then connect with students through discussion groups, intentional events, and one-on-one interactions. When the time is right, volunteers can share the faith they have in Jesus with their international friends in a way that is contextualized and authentic, taking into account a person’s family, faith, and cultural background. If someone in the international community decides to become a follower of Jesus, the volunteer can further share their life in Christ in one-to-one or small group discipleship with others on the same journey, as well as introduce international friends to other followers of Jesus from their same cultural background. Finally, volunteers can empower their international friends to share their faith with others who they know, from both similar and different cultural backgrounds, in order to make new disciples.

Kingdom Impact

God desires to have a relationship with every person in every nation. If members of the international community become followers of Jesus, then they have a much greater ability to share the gospel in a contextualized, effective manner with those from their same background. Helping the international community encounter Jesus is a key strategy in seeing God’s Kingdom grow.

Our Part

Through the leadership, coaching, and financial investment of Become, Kingdom Sea has been officially launched and and financially sustained in its first year. Become helped Kingdom Sea connect with Abide Ministries for oversight as part of the Abide Collective.


Currently, Kingdom Sea runs a prayer meeting every other week, four introductory discussion groups to promote connection and friendship, as well as two different small group discipleship opportunities while in its first year of existence. The leaders within Kingdom Sea have led more than ten international friends into a personal relationship with Jesus and baptized them over the last two years while discipling them to make disciples of others. This team has come together under the banner of Kingdom Sea to grow their collaborative effort.