International Oasis

International Oasis exists to inspire and equip international students to meet the needs of the global poor.


International Oasis exists to inspire and equip international students to meet the needs of the global poor. International Oasis believes that international students hold the solutions to the problems of poverty in their home countries because international students who come to the United States are generally people with strong personal character, relational networks, and intellect who demonstrate perseverance in the face of challenges. The staff and volunteers of International Oasis work to meet the immediate needs of international students, such as providing free furniture, transportation, language practice, and availability to students as international students arrive in the United States and experience poverty. Next, the team works to build friendships through events, discussion groups, and personal connection with the international students. Finally, they work to change the lives of impoverished people all over the world by inspiring and equipping these international students to establish sustainable action plans that will improve the quality of life for the world’s most vulnerable citizens.

Kingdom Impact

While International Oasis is not a religious organization, its foundations are rooted in seeing God’s Kingdom grow. Jesus desires all those who claim they are part of God’s Kingdom to welcome strangers and foreigners. This desire of Jesus to welcome those different than oneself is the founding ethic that undergirds International Oasis.

Our Part

Through the leadership and coaching of Become, a team of local families and university students helped to launch International Oasis, planting the initial seeds in 2014 and becoming an official organization in early 2016.


Throughout its history, International Oasis has provided over 250 students with free furniture, hosted several hundred at regular events, and connected over 100 students with local families in the bond of friendship, all while in partnership with Oakland University. Several students have begun to give financially to organizations that serve underresourced people in their home countries, and International Oasis looks forward to launching sustainable, contextualized initiatives that alleviate the suffering of the poor through international student alumni in the years to come.

Latest News

In 2018, International Oasis brought on its first official Executive Director in Kelly Rohner to lead International Oasis toward its future goals at Oakland University and beyond.