Overview SLAM is a Metro Detroit artist collective united by a common dream to end prejudice in our region. The chief goal of SLAM is to invite people into lifelong, cross-cultural friendships. These kind of friendships serve to destroy prejudice based on contact theory - which is simply that the more time someone spends in close relationship to someone, the more likely they are to develop intimacy, even in the face of major personal, ideological, and historical differences.

Kingdom Sea

Overview Founded in 2018, Kingdom Sea aims to help introduce people to Jesus by praying for them, connecting in friendship, sharing life and faith, and finally empowering them to make disciples. Weekly prayer meetings help a dedicated group of volunteers continue to put the names and needs of the international community before God. Volunteers then connect with students through discussion groups, intentional events, and one-on-one interactions. When the time is right, volunteers can share the faith they have in Jesus with their international friends in a way that is contextualized and authentic, taking into account a person’s family, faith, and cultural background.


Overview As defined by Jesus in Luke 10, a kingdom worker is a person of Christlike character - obedient to God, ready for any challenge, action-minded, and results-oriented - whose desire is to see God’s Kingdom grow. University students who enter into Cultivate’s servant leader development process are asked to attend regular classes, meet one-on-one with a spiritual mentor on a weekly basis, actively attend a local church, and serve within an existing outreach ministry on their campus such as Intervarsity, CRU, YoungLife, FCA, or others.

International Oasis

Overview International Oasis exists to inspire and equip international students to meet the needs of the global poor. International Oasis believes that international students hold the solutions to the problems of poverty in their home countries because international students who come to the United States are generally people with strong personal character, relational networks, and intellect who demonstrate perseverance in the face of challenges. The staff and volunteers of International Oasis work to meet the immediate needs of international students, such as providing free furniture, transportation, language practice, and availability to students as international students arrive in the United States and experience poverty.