The Spirit of Collaboration


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2018 YoungLife Retreat: A Celebration.


In February of 2017, I was asked by YoungLife at Oakland University to speak at their Spring Retreat. I agreed to speak on one condition: that the student leader tell me where YoungLife wanted to be a year from now in terms of its overall mission and reach to the campus. The student leader looked at me puzzled. I told him when he could answer the question, I would be happy to speak, because then I could plan my talks around around helping their organization grow God’s Kingdom.

Do something no one else is doing.

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When coaching a leader who wants to grow God’s Kingdom, I often encourage him or her to have a signature event or strategy that is unique in his or her context. To have one or two occasions a year that an entire team can rally around helps build momentum and benchmarks into an initiative. I love looking back at certain events or strategies as a way to gauge growth personally, professionally, and as a team.

A beautiful baptism for a dear friend.


On August 14, 2017, I was privileged to baptize my friend Justin. Justin and I have known each other since the fall of 2014; it was our friendship that helped to launch International Oasis. Surrounded by about twenty of his closest friends, Justin professed his faith in Jesus publicly after a three year journey of getting to know Jesus after growing up with no religious background in China. Here are the words he shared at his baptism about why he wanted to be baptized, taken exactly from what he sent to me.