Who is God asking you to become to grow His Kingdom?

At Become, we want to see God’s Kingdom grow. The kingdom of God is the complete and total authority of God over all creation, most importantly humanity. This kingdom exists wherever men and women allow God to rule over their individual lives and become obedient to God’s ways as revealed through the person of Jesus Christ, who is God in flesh. We work to identify leaders with a kingdom-growing vision, invest in the leader spiritually, organizationally, and financially, and work with the leader to launch initiatives that help the Kingdom of God grow it’s influence throughout creation. Our hope is to work with as many people as we can who are willing to ask who God is asking him or her to become, and see the Kingdom of God grow as a result.

Our Initiatives

International Oasis

International Oasis exists to inspire and equip international students to meet the needs of the global poor.

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Cultivate exists to help university students become kingdom workers.

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SLAM exists to end prejudice by developing lifelong, cross-cultural friendships within the art community.

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Kingdom Sea

Kingdom Sea exists to help the international community become fully devoted followers of Jesus.

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